Xpression Street Dance classes start from the age of 2years old. We have  3 Street dance classes catered to age ranges. Taught by Natalie, Blue and Leanne.


All classes work on rythm movement and musicality. Teaching routines and working on freestyle exploring individuals uniquness and enhancing their expressions throughmovement and the ability to do so with various music.


Xpression Twinkle Toes Ballet classes start from 2years old. Taught by Natalie.


Working with a relaxed atmosphere with sing  along songs and rhymes known to the children, learning ballet movements, posture and ability to move freely to the music while gaining the ability to take instruction from a young age.


Breakdance classes are for ages 4+ taught by Ricky who likes to ensure that the children are able to use their own minds to create superb variety of sets.

2 ablity classes: Beginner and Advanced.

Classes involve a teaching focus on top rock, go downs, floorwork and freezes wih a touch of power. To help the children remember the moves they know and when to use them Ricky uses creative fun games and freestyles mixed in with teaching.


Priding ourselves and xpressions attitude of being a big extended family a session to jam and learn from others,  learning and exploring new styles. A fun relaxed based session jaming to the beat.


Our Sunday Jam Sessions provide 45min workshop of various styles from week to week and 45mins to jam with friends and dance, work on freestyles, duo's and solos.

Classes South London and Surrey Based

Carshalton, Purley, Croydon

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